Network Map

Network Mapping

The Network Map shows working relationships between social services programs in Rapid City, SD.

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Work Streams

Work Streams

System Dynamics is mapping how several, Rapid City specific, work streams affect each other.

Work Streams are focusing on two specific feedback loops in 2017, B1 and R5 due to their impact on the rest of the system.

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Emerging Leaders Fellowship

They support RCCI's effort to create an environment for service providers to work collaboratively for the greater good by increasing networking, understanding each other’s strengths, and understanding the needs of our community.

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  • Collective Efforts

    Find out what the Work Streams have been doing recently

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  • Beegle: Fight the poverty, not the people

    Donna Beegle inspired and educated hundreds of Rapid City community members during...

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  • Native healthcare takes center stage at summit

    More than 20 people representing several agencies that serve Native Americans on...


  • Behavorial health expert explains why it pays to have Hope

    What began as an idea 16 years ago to alleviate overcrowding at the Bexar County Jail in Texas...


  • Twin Cities Relief

    The director of Field Services for one of the nation's largest food banks offered her insights

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  • Service Program Report

    Outlines the existing challenges Rapid City service providers and community members face.


  • Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies

    Rapid City Collective Impact: A city-wide effort to create quality of life for all its citizens


  • Strategic Plan

    Rapid City Collective Impact: Everyone working together